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Customer Appointment Manager is the fastest, most user-friendly software for scheduling and managing appointments. This electronic appointment book is specifically designed to bring the most critical components of your business together, your customers and your time. Trust Customer Appointment Manager to help you promptly serve your customers and maximize your productivity.



Customer Appointment Manager is designed to accommodate your unique needs. Use definable fields to store information important to you and your business. E-mail appointment reminders and messages to customers. Send appointments to your employees for access via e-mail or PDA. Export or print your appointment calendar and reports in various formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML. 


Spend less time scheduling appointments and more time focusing on customers. Schedule one-time or repeat appointments in seconds. Quickly add or locate customers, find available appointment times (by employee, time period, or both), and manage waiting lists with ease. With Customer Appointment Manager you can manage your business with speed and efficiency. 

Easy to Use

An intuitive design makes Customer Appointment Manager easy to learn and use. Its user-friendly layout ensures all of the information you need to effectively manage your appointments is right at your fingertips. Getting started is effortless and you'll be scheduling customers in no time. 

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Used to schedule millions of appointments for over 35,000 service providers


It helped us eliminate our old appointment book and maximize the number of appointments scheduled"

— Michael Jones, CPA